LOVE: The Little River Collective

I've met an amazing bunch of creative types whilst I've been back in regional NSW, and we have formed a small collective to present our works and promote the area in a positive light. Matilda came up with the fantastic name The Little River Collective, and I think it's just perfect. It's a lot of the same people who put on the DRIFT exhibition and also some other awesome people we've picked up along the way. We're planning on collaborating on a Christmas Shop, some postcards inspired by the local landscape and eventually a zine which details our philosophy, lifestyle and even recipes. 

Stay tuned, and you can like us on facebook here.

xx lovegeek


LOVE: Drift Video

Now that all the fun and games are over, I can finally post the video I projected as part of the DRIFT exhibition in June. I hope you like it.

Drift. June 2013 from mads allen on Vimeo.

lovegeek xx


LOVE: Drift Exhibition

My friends and I are putting on a little pop up exhibition called Drift in Wellington (NSW, not NZ) and Dubbo this June/July. I've been working on a video projection to display at the show. Come along if you're in the area, local roasters Suburban Coffee Co. are providing delicious blends, and there will also be some sweet treats!

xx lovegeek


LOVE: April in the country

So I've been taking a bit of a hiatus in the country, where I grew up, to spend some time away from the city! Little did I know I was going to stumble upon some very awesome, likeminded ladies who have been hanging out with me, and generally being all round cool dudes since I've been back. My Bestie has introduced me to her friends and I am so lucky to be able to spend time with them and get to know them through her. I feel very spoilt.

We've had an exciting April with the Triple J One Night Stand heading out west, with the likes of Ballpark Music, Seth Sentry and FLUME. I was mostly excited about Flume headlining as I had missed out on tickets to his show in Sydney and had heard good things about his upcoming visual show which would debut here in Dubbo. There was a great vibe around town and the community really got in to it, even my parents watched the broadcast on ABC2 (and turned the TV on mute as the sound from the showground was so loud at their house they could already hear it!).

You can watch the One Night Stand on ABC iview for the next month or so, but for now I thought I'd post Flume's new video for 'More Than You Thought' from Sydney creatives Toby and Pete which features the Infinity Prism that he launched in Dubs. Check it out:

xx lovegeek


GEEK: Nosaj Thing 'Eclipse/Blue' Video

I've been a huge fan of Nosaj Thing's live show since I saw it at SONAR in 2010, so I am really digging this filmclip.

xx lovegeek